After Getting Radio Airplay

As we know getting radio airplay is not that easy. Even if you managed to get radio airplay or get some few stations playing your music, you should be well aware of what you need to be done after getting radio airplay. Let’s us discuss in brief about what you should do after you get radio airplay in the following article.

After getting your radio airplay there are some few steps you need to take up. However, if you like to get a bit more yardages out of your airplay, you should get familiar with certain ways that not only capitalize on your current airplay, but to also move up radio charts even faster. After getting radio airplay one should always consider asking the stations for an opportunity to do a station ID. However, many of the musicians who are promoting themselves never consider asking their stations for this opportunity.

The station ID will let you more familiar with your listeners and at the same time station also benefits from having a familiar artist's voice identify it. However, there are many of the stations that are glad to coordinates station IDs with artists whose music they are playing. Moreover, if you became popular with their listeners, stations may even bring you to town on a bill. One of the things that you need to consider after getting radio airplay is on-air interviews. On-air interviews will definitely increase your exposure, notoriety as well as sales.

On-air interviews will allow your listener to learn and know more about you. You can give the story that relates to your music, your personal as well as professional background or else you can give the meaning behind certain songs. And, one of your main objectives during on-air interviews should be to turn the average listener who merely likes your song into a lifelong dedicated buyer of your music who, not only picks up this particular release, but who also eagerly awaits your next release. You can give interviews live and have call-in listeners. These are some of the major things you need to do after getting radio airplay.