What Is Radio Airplay?

What is radio airplay? Those who are not familiar with the term radio airplay will often arise with such question. Let’s find out the exact meaning of radio airplay. Radio airplay is simply a term that is used in radio broadcasting industry for stating how frequently a song is being played on over-the-air radio stations. When we consider about commercial broadcasting, radio airplay is generally the result of being placed into the rotation, which is often called adding it to the playlist of the station by the music director or possibly as the result of a Pay for Play sponsored by the record label.

As far as student radio and other radio stations are concerned, airplay is often the selection by each disc jockey, generally at the suggestion of music. Explanation of radio airplay further reveals that airplay can be a crucial element in securing a singer’s hit and at the same time social networking websites is an effective method that artists uses for making their name known and popular. Today, we have radio airplay online.

Radio airplay is one just simply way to get your music heard. Radio broadcasting doesn’t show visual vibrancy of your performance, thus promoting your music to wider audience. However, getting a radio airplay is never an easy feat. It is however, a little hard to get hold of radio hosts, DJs and contact details as well as get them interested in your music. But you can always improve your chances of getting your music heard by following some few guidelines.

If you like to get radio airplay, it is essential that your demo sounds the best it can be. You should always send your music to radio stations or hosts that had already played your style of music. This will maximize your chances of getting radio airplay. You need to find niche radio stations and market for getting much more targeted audience and potentially a better response rate. However, you can increase your chances of getting them heard your music by offering them a download link on your follow up e-mail. However, radio airplay explained above and few guidelines for getting radio play will be very helpful to you.