Myth Related To Radio Airplay

There are certain myths related to radio airplay. In this article we will let you know about the myth related to radio airplay. Those people who are launching their first music CD, always associated with some misunderstood points when it comes to commercial regular-rotation airplay. Let’s find out some of the common myths of radio airplay.

The first myth relating to radio airplay is DJ’s plays the records. This simply and only applies to non-commercial radio, & specialty/mix-show radio. Most of the people in the United States listen to commercial regular-rotation radio. On these stations, the DJs have no say at all in what is going to be played. One of the other radio airplay myths that need to be mentioned is that college or specialty or mix-show will expand to commercial. If one does on non commercial or specialty/mix-show, this doesn’t simply imply that anything will happen in commercial regular-rotation radio.

Some also think that request calls will help. However, this is one myth related to radio airplay. So its better that you spent your time doing other things such as inviting people to your gigs. However, stations can find out which calls are real, and which are bands or their friends. Moreover, they also have consultants as well as seminars for covering this topic. The other myth relating to radio airplay is that you can’t get airplay without distribution. This normally depends on the particular size of the radio that you are going after.

Another myth that relates to radio is airplay without gigs. This however, also totally depends on the size of the radio that you are looking or going after. Moreover, being unable to gig is generally a serious issue or handicap at any station. But you can however, face it in smaller markets with intense radio promo, sales as well as non-commercial results. Another common myth related to radio airplay is non-monitored stations are of no use, this does only applies on the billboard, R&R, and the seven Album Network mag charts. But FMQB, CMJ and all specialty/mixshow charts are compiled manually.