Etymology Of Radio

Radio is one of the best means of communication. Radio broadcasting has actually enabled us distant communication. Today, we have a many radio stations around the round broadcasting by means of transmission. Moreover, radio airplay has become very popular and many of the people are now getting involved in radio airplay. In this article we will mainly be focusing on the etymology of radio and how it came to be known worldwide.

When we look into the origin of the word radio, we discovered that in earlier times, radio or radiotelegraphy was popularly called as ‘wireless telegraphy’. However, these words i.e. wire telegraphy was later on shortened to ‘wireless’ by the British. Referring to radio etymology, the prefix – radio, in the sense of wireless transmission was first seen the term radioconductor. This word was coined by the Edouard Branly, French Physicist in the year 1897. The word however, was based on the verb to radiate. Moreover, the word also appeared in a 1907 article by Lee De Forest.

As mentioned above, the word also appeared in a 1907 article by Lee De Forest, however, the United States Navy adopted in 1912. The word became popular and in the 1920s United States. However, the noun ‘broadcasting’ itself derived from an agricultural term, which literally means ‘scattering seeds widely’. Later on the term was adopted by other languages in Europe and Asia. Till 20th century, the British Commonwealth countries continued to use the term ‘wireless’. Since its first publication in the early 1920s, the magazine of the BBC in the UK has been called as Radio Times.

Looking at the recent times, we can say that the term or word wireless has become popular with the rapid growth of short range computer networking, for instance Wireless Local Area Network, Wi-Fi as well as mobile telephony. Nowadays, the term radio often denotes or refers to the actual transceiver device or chip. While the term wireless simply denotes to the system and or method used for radio communication. This briefly reveals the etymology of radio and how this term came to known around the globe.